Protection Visa

Schedule 3 Criteria – Not holding a Substantive Visa

Proof of Compelling and Compassionate Circumstances   is   always an essential element   in Partner Visa Applications  It is all in the level of the proof provided and quality of submissions addressing the   relevant  visa criteria.  There are two pathways available for a partner visa, dependent on whether the visa application was applied onshore or offshore. Onshore

A refused visa application is not necessarily the end of the story  

  What happens when all onshore options have been exhausted? An offshore partner visa is always an option Last week, the Family stream of lawyers at Immigration Solutions Lawyers successfully assisted a couple to fulfil their dream of living together in Australia. The applicant is a citizen of Zimbabwe who had come to Australia on

Compassion and knowledge of the application process lead to a successful protection visa application

Australia’s open society, characterised by democracy and civil freedoms, makes it a kind of safe haven for people who face persecution in their country of origin. The Applicant was a citizen of an African country which had been torn apart by a civil war that continued for more than a decade. She first arrived in