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Posted on June 13, 2017 by admin

With all of the changes to immigration and visa law in the past few months, it is vital to understand the importance of providing current and correct information on all visa documents and applications. Under the Migration Act 1958, a visa is likely to be cancelled if the correct information is not provided or if any changes in circumstance are not reported immediate. This is so whether or not the applicant knew that the information was incorrect.

One way in which a visa may be refused is through the Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020, which enables refusal of a visa if an applicant provides false or misleading information in their application, or if the Minister is not satisfied of an applicant’s identity.[1] Additionally, if an applicant is found to have violated PIC 4020, the minister will impose a three year ban upon any further visa applications. The PIC 4020 criterion is applicable to: skilled migration visas, business visas, temporary visas, student visas and family visas; and applies to information that is either, deceitful in terms of identity, or to other factors like health, skill, character, and work experience.

As such, it is of great importance that as soon as an applicant becomes aware of any changes to their circumstances, or incorrect information provided, they submit Form 1023 (to be found here). Through this form, the applicant remains credible as the changes and any incorrect information are provided straight away to the department.

Another way in which a visa applicant can ensure that their visa application has the greatest chance of success possible, is to go to an immigration lawyer for advice, prior to any action or if they believe that the information they provided is incorrect. The sooner that action is taken, the better, as this ensures credibility and transparency. Here at Immigration Solutions Lawyers, we are committed to ensuring your successful migration, and will offer transparent, knowledgeable and personal assistance, in a range of migration areas. For a list of the services we offer, visit our website.

The current climate in migration law and for visa applications is challenging, so for the best opportunity for the successful migration of yourself and the ones you love, be practical and contact a trusted legal advisor or Immigration Lawyer. Immigration Solutions Lawyers are experts in the field of Australian immigration Law, most recently being awarded the ACQ5 Law Award 2017 for Corporate Immigration Law Firm of the Year.

Here at Immigration Solutions Lawyers, your success is our success.

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