Just How Important is a First Consultation? Equally as Important as a Second Opinion!

Posted on June 9, 2017 by admin

The current Immigration environment is a constantly changing landscape of policy and legislation. Therefore, the importance of obtaining a first consultation or alternatively a second opinion,  is higher than it has ever been.

Migration law, and consequently visa law, is often highly charged with political changes. It is essential that you are aware of all of the political and legal factors at play when applying for a visa or other migration application. More than ever before, Legal representation or informed migration advice is an essential element in achieving a positive outcome for your visa application.

Unprepared or incomplete visa applications can raise adverse presumptions regarding the applicant, and could ultimately cause the application to be refused. These problems can lead to a number of legal issues, including the situation where a person may become subject to Public Interest Criterion (PIC) 4020, whereby a visa application is refused on the basis that the application or document in the application provides false or misleading information in relation to their application. Alternatively, a visa application may be subjected, upon refusal or cancellation, to section 48 of the Migration Act 1958 whereby a person whose visa application has been refused or cancelled in Australia, cannot apply for a further visa within Australia unless prescribed by the Migration Regulation 1994 (Cth).

Failure to review the entire immigration history of a visa application can also be an issue. It is important to have a legal representative that understands this and does the appropriate homework. Failure to make the appropriate enquiries could place your application at a severe disadvantage. A proactive approach is always best practice and it is essential that any concerns are addressed upfront in the visa application, rather than wait until you receive a section a Natural Justice Letter under Section 57 of the Migration Act.

In order to avoid these problems, or to have the best chance of overcoming them, it is vital, in these challenging times, to receive migration advice from a registered and experienced profession such as an Immigration Lawyer.


What can Immigration Solutions Lawyers Offer?

Our firm is composed of a team of highly skilled solicitors who specialise in immigration matters. We aim for success in migration applications, having an outstanding breadth of knowledge of the migration policy and legislation. Due to our extensive experience and breadth of knowledge, we will be able to provide you advice on all of the applicable pathways to achieve your desired, migration outcome. We offer advice and conduct our affairs in an open and transparent manner, one of the main ideologies of the Rule of Law in Australia.

Additionally, our firm excels in the International arena, a result of the tireless effort our principal lawyer, Anne Donoghue, who is constantly involved in International committees and who is able to ascertain how the current global migration sphere would likely impact someone’s chances of a visa application. Most recently, Anne was a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly Migration Partner of the Year Awards 2017. Additionally, Immigration Solutions Lawyers won the ACQ5 Law Awards 2017, in the category of Corporate Immigration Law Firm of the Year; the last of numerous awards that our company has been awarded for excellence.

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What do you get from the first Consultation (or a second opinion)?

We promise that we will not waste your time, and will use your first consultation to not only listen to your problems, but also offer ideas on the options that are available as well as the best pathway to take for the best possible prospects of success. All options are on the table, both offshore and onshore. We do not believe in only pursuing onshore options. We believe in pursuing what is the best option for the client.

Here at Immigration Solutions Lawyers, we understand that your success is our success. We will strive to use all of our resources and knowledge to ensure the best result possible for you, with the least stress and hassle for you possible.


How much are our services?

Your first consultation will be conducted by one of our top class solicitors and will cost $150. All advice is confirmed in writing after completion of the consultation.

Should you require the service of our Principle lawyer, who is an Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyer, a first consultation will be $330.

Prior to the consultation, you will be required to make a $50 deposit, however, the rest can be paid after the consultation.

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Here at Immigration Solutions Lawyers, we understand just how important your opportunity for migration is to you and will work at the highest level to ensure your success. The migration sphere is a complex and challenging landscape, but we will strive to help to traverse its dangers.

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