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Partner Visa

Waiver of 8503 condition due to compelling circumstances – condition waived

Waiver of condition 8503 due to discrimination (same-sex relationship) – Condition waived

Visa Applicants can Include Members of their Family Unit on their Application.

Carer Visa Application Severe Health Condition

Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) Granted Within 4 Months | The Importance of a Decision Ready Application

The Importance of Addressing Contentious Matters Upfront

Never too late to make disclosure voluntarily in a visa application. The importance of transparency and obtaining a full immigration history under freedom of information request.

There is always another way when using the right immigration help- Merits Review may not always be the best course of action

Overcoming the 12 month requirement for de facto relationships: relationship certificate and genuineness argument

Choosing the right path and the importance of lateral thinking

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