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Subclass 820 partner visa application

The sponsor came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) in 2014 in the hopes of sponsoring his current spouse on a Subclass 820 provisional (partner) visa. The sponsor sought the help of our legal team due to that fact that less than 5 years previously he had also sponsored his former partner; the sponsor was therefore barred by Regulation 1.20J of the Migration Regulations1994 from sponsoring another partner until 5 years had elapsed. Unless the sponsor could show compassionate or compelling circumstances to waive this limitation.

The sponsor had been previously married and had sponsored his partner on a Subclass 820 visa. Shortly after his partner abandoned the family home, the couple broke up and went their own ways. The sponsor who is an Australian citizen did not met the requirements of a 5 years waiting period to apply for another partner visa and looked to the team of ISL for help in the matter.

The sponsor and new partner met in 2013 overseas and started a relationship. The sponsor travelled overseas numerous times to visit his partner and eventually proposed marriage. For the applicant to have the visa approved the sponsor needed to apply for a waiver and show compassionate and compelling evidence of the relationship.

At that time ISL applied for a waiver of regulation 1.20J “Limitation on approval of sponsorships”. After a thorough assessment of the Sponsor’s circumstances,  ISL established that although it had been less than 5 years since the sponsor lodged his previous sponsorship, relevant arguments  and evidence could be put forward to try to have the regulation 1.20J waived.

After providing all the necessary information and compiling compelling evidence of a relationship ISL  was successful in securing the subclass 820 temporary partner visa.

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