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Successful Ministerial Intervention Request

The visa applicant and review applicant came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) seeking help with a refused Subclass 116 Other Family (migration) application.

The review applicant was seeking assistance from the visa applicant to care for an Australian citizen family member. No family members residing in Australia had the ability to care for the family member who had medical issues.

The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) refused the application on the grounds of unsatisfactory information and based on a witness whose credibility was in doubt. ISL then made a request under Section 351 of the Migration Act to the Minister.

Very comprehensive submissions were made and updated material was provided to assist in a full consideration of the material to the Minister. ISL was able to provide the appropriate documentation to illustrate the existence of strong compassionate circumstances. Without assistance from the visa applicant, irreparable harm and continual hardship would be inflicted on the Australian citizen family member who required assistance. The immigration team at ISL also drew on the family member’s age and health concerns as a significant reason of the visa applicant to be granted a Subclass 151 Former Resident visa.

ISL was successful in obtaining a Subclass 151 Former Resident Visa. The visa applicant has now been granted permanent residency within Australia.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers are one of the leading immigration law firms in Australia. Headed by managing director and principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue, the firm has over 22 years of experience. The legal team at ISL are experienced in dealing with complicated matters and will do their best obtain a positive outcome for each and every case.

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