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Successful Subclass 100 Permanent Resident Visa

The Applicant arrived in Australia on a Subclass 575 Student Visa. During this time the Applicant met the Sponsor and entered into a genuine and committed relationship.  The relationship continued as the couple lived in different countries.

The couple then decided to lodge an application for a Subclass 309 Provisional Partner Visa which was granted on the basis of the Applicant’s de facto relationship with an Australian Citizen. However after the grant of the Subclass 309 visa there was a break down in the relationship due to family violence.

The Applicant came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) seeking help from the legal team in putting together a submission of non-judicial determined claim of family violence.

ISL submitted extensive evidence to support the claim that the applicant had suffered from family violence on a number of occasions and therefore was still entitled to permanent residency under the Subclass 309 visa guidelines. ISL submitted reports from competent professionals as evidence that the Applicant suffered both emotional and psychological abuse due to the behaviour by the sponsor. For these reasons alone, the Applicant was entitled to retain permanent residency despite the fact the relationship with the sponsor had broken down. The Applicant did not have to be assessed by an independent expert as ISL included sufficient arguments and evidence that the Applicant had been a victim of family violence.

ISL was successful in securing the grant of a Subclass 100 permanent resident visa for the Applicant. She is now a permanent resident of Australia.

Immigration law is a complex and constantly changing field. Immigration Solutions Lawyers is led by accredited specialist Anne O’Donoghue who has over 22 years of experience in the industry. Lawyers at ISL combine experience, creativity and lateral thinking to provide expert advice on immigration matters and achieve resolutions to visa problems.

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