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Successful Subclass 820 Partner Visa

The Applicant came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers (ISL) seeking direction with a Subclass 820 Partner Visa on the basis of his relationship with an Australian Citizen.

The Applicant had arrived in Australia on a Visitor visa years earlier. Within his time in Australia the Applicant and Sponsor met and entered into a relationship. The Applicant eventually had to depart the country, however the couple remained in contact and lived overseas to be close to one another. The couple developed a strong emotional bond as the relationship continued. The couple became both emotionally and financially reliant on one another over the course of their relationship.

At this point the Applicant and Sponsor came to ISL needing assistance lodging their Subclass 820 Onshore Partner Visa as the Applicant.
ISL provided extensive submissions and supporting evidence to establish that the Applicant and Sponsor’s relationship was of a true and genuine nature.  Since the Applicant was needing to return to his home country urgently for personal reasons, ISL was able to obtain a Subclass 820 Partner visa grant in under 10 days.

ISL is a leading immigration law firm headed by the managing director and principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue. The firm has been assisting clients in navigating the different avenues of migration to Australia since 1993. Their extensive experience in immigration law has enabled many of their clients the opportunity to call Australia home.
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