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The Importance of Establishing Ties to Australia for a Resident Return Visa

The Resident Return visa allows Australian Permanent Residents, former Permanent Residents and former Australian Citizens travel facilities to and from Australia while retaining or regaining Permanent Residency status. There are large ramifications in the case of a Resident Return visa not being held by a permanent resident on return to Australia. Engaging the professionals at Immigration Solutions Lawyers to assist in the application of a Resident Return visas will ensure the correct process is followed to avoid jeopardising permanent residency status.

In this case the applicant entered Australia on a Permanent Skilled (subclass 105) Visa in 1996 with his wife and two children. The applicant’s wife and two children are now Australian Citizens. The applicant however had worked in his current job in China in excess of 23 years and was valued employee. The applicant was visiting his family in Australia at least once a year and was also providing financial assistance including paying the mortgage for joint property with his wife. The applicant had been granted one previous Resident Return (subclass 155) Visa and instructed Immigration Solution Lawyers to lodge a second Return Resident application on his behalf.

In this case the applicant was applying from outside Australia. Immigration Solution Lawyers legal team had to establish the following:

  • Substantial ties that the applicant had to Australia (this was done through his close family ties with this wife, children and grandchildren).
  • Real and tangible assets in Australia including property and joint bank accounts with his wife.
  • Cultural ties to Australia through his active membership in a local community associations.

As the applicant has not been absent from Australia for a continuous period of 5 years, it was not required for him to show compelling reasons for his absence, however, Immigration Solution Lawyers go above and beyond to ensure a strong application is put forward.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers secured the grant of the Resident Return (subclass 155) Visa for the applicant who can now enter Australia to see his family and return to China for work while maintaining his Permanent Residency.

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