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Director & Principal Lawyer

Anne O'Donoghue

Australian Legal Practitioner, ALPC (NSW): 16808

Anne O’Donoghue is an accredited specialist in immigration law with over 29 years’ experience in the field. Anne received her Specialist Accreditation as an immigration lawyer from the NSW Law Society in 1998. She is the director and principal lawyer of Immigration Solutions Lawyers. Anne is acknowledged as one of Australia’s leading immigration law specialists and is internationally recognised for her work in Immigration Law and Human Rights Law.  In 2022, Anne celebrated 24 years as an accredited specialist.

Anne was admitted to practise in the Supreme Court of Victoria in 1981, the Supreme Court of New South Wales (NSW) in 1987 and the High Court of Australia in 1982. She is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales and has been instrumental in developing the field of immigration law in NSW, and she was the founding vice president of the Migration Law Committee of the Law Council of Australia (LCA). In December 2012, she was appointed a member of the LCA’s International Law Section Executive. In 2015, Anne was appointed as member of the Specialist Accreditation Advisory Committee of the NSWLS. Anne is also currently appointed co-chair of the ILS, Human Rights Committee of the LCA. Anne has been appointed co-chair of the Immigration and Nationality Law Committee (INLC) of the International Bar Association (IBA), effective from 1 January 2019 to 1 January 2021, and she is now appointed as immediate past co-chair of the INCL.

In 2019, Anne was a member of the IBA Presidential Task Force on the Refugee Crisis Initiative and on the resulting IBA Showcase. Anne was also a co-moderator of the IBA’s Seoul session on stateless children in collaboration with the Family Law Committee. Anne received the Law Society of New South Wales President’s Medal Highly Commended award for her work on the IBA Presidential Task Force in Seoul.

In January 2020, she was appointed a member of the Advisory Board of the Professional Ethics Committee of the IBA. In March 2020, Anne had also chaired the showcase session on modern slavery at the Law Council of Australia migration conference in Melbourne.

In January 2021, Anne was appointed as a member of the IBA Working Group on Modern Slavery. Anne has extensive involvement in the field of immigration law internationally and she has developed her international affiliations through the IBA for 20 years. Anne has been listed in WWL: Corporate Immigration for 12 consecutive years (2011–2022). In 2019, Anne was invited to feature in WWL Thought Leaders: Corporate Immigration 2019. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 Anne was recognised as a ‘Thought Leader’, ‘Global Leader’ and ‘National Leader’ by the WWL. In 2021, Anne was appointed as a Member of the Ministerial Advisory Council on skilled migration and awarded as the Australasian Lawyers-Award Most Influential Lawyer in Human Rights. In 2022 Anne was appointed Diversity and Inclusion officer of the Global Employment Institute of IBA.

She has contributed to various international publications including The Corporate Immigration Review: Australia 2020 (10th edition); Who’s Who Legal: Australia’s Corporate Immigration Review 2020; International Comparative Legal Guides (Corporate Immigration Laws and Regulations): Global Overview on Modern Slavery and Corporate Supply Chain Compliance 2020 and 2021); International Bar Association, ‘Covid-19 and Modern Slavery in Australia 2020’; International Comparative Legal Guides (Employment and Labour Law 2021): and International Labour Rights and Modern Slavery, Australia 2021.  Anne is very committed to championing the importance of Australian immigration lawyers gaining recognition in the global market and the internationalisation of their practices.

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