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team leader and solicitor
merits review, character, MIU & Citizenship stream

Tiara Dalpadado

Tiara Dalpadado is one of the Solicitors assisting the Family Stream and the Corporate, Review and Citizenship Stream for Immigration Solutions Lawyers Tiara joined the Sri Lankan bar as an Attorney at Law in early 2017. Upon taking her oath as a Lawyer, she then migrated to Australia with the aim of becoming a Solicitor in Australia. Having successfully completed her legal studies from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, Tiara was admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of QLD in August 2018. Tiara currently holds a practicing certificate in NSW.

Tiara has previous experience working as a Solicitor in a Family Law firm. Being a migrant herself, Tiara developed a passion for helping others with complex migration issues and was drawn to a career in Immigration Law.

Having also practiced as a lawyer in Sri Lanka, she brings deep understanding of different social and cultural backgrounds to her legal practice. Tiara speaks fluent English & Sinhalese.
Tiara is highly attentive and strives to provide the best possible service to her clients.

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