Resumption of Citizenship Application

Prior to April 2002, it was not permitted to hold dual citizenship and as such if citizenship was granted in another country, it automatically ceased in Australia. There are a number of people that may be eligible to apply for a resumption of Citizenship including; if you became a citizen of another country prior to April 2002, you renounced your citizenship to keep or get citizenship of another country, you renounced your Australian citizenship to avoid financial hardship, as a child your parent ceased to be an Australian citizen or you lived outside Australia continuously for 7 years before 8 October 1958.

A person cannot resume their Australian Citizenship if; their Australian Citizenship was revoked, they were born in Papua and ceased to be an Australian citizen on 16 September 1975, PNG Independence Day.
If the Applicant is eligible to apply for a resumption of citizenship, some of main criteria that must be met is that the Applicant is 18 years and is of good character. To determine good character, you must provide penal clearances for every country that you have spent more than 90 days in.

Children under the age of 16 can be included in a parent’s application.

To undertake a resumption of Citizenship in Australia, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will require three different types of documents to accompany a citizenship application including identity documents, good character documents and supporting documents.