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8503 No Further Stay on Applicant - 820 Visa Granted

The applicant came to Australia on a visa that had subsequently expired. As an overstayer of his visa, the applicant lodged a protection visa, which was refused by the Department. The applicant lodged an appeal to the Refugee Review Tribunal for the application to be reviewed. The Tribunal decided to affirm the original decision-maker’s decision to refuse the application. The visa applicant continued to remain in Australia despite his various visas expiring. The Department’s compliance officers, in being aware of the applicant’s unlawfulness, detained the applicant in a Detention Centre. Our offices proceeded to prepare the partner’s visa. In so doing and as part of the application, we had to prepare a submission to first waive the ‘8503’ condition, which meant that there was a ‘No Further Stay’ condition placed on the visa applicant. This waiver was successful. The partner visa was then lodged and granted by the Department.

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