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Case Studies

Please note that all of our cases contain information and laws that are correct at the time of posting. These cases are summaries and are intended to provide a broad overview of the services we can provide. Information provided in these cases and on our website does not constitute migration advice, our office only provides legal advice during client consultations. 

Medical Treatment (Subclass 602) Visa for Mental Illness requiring psychological therapy

Nomination Application of a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187)

Successful Subclass 820 Partner Visa and Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa

Inclusion of Family Members – Successful grant

Psychological dependence due to sudden disappearance of former spouse (de facto visa)

Two sponsorships in less than five years (de facto visa) – Regulation 1.20J Issue

Waiver of 8503 condition due to compelling circumstances – condition waived

Waiver of condition 8503 due to discrimination (same-sex relationship) – Condition waived

Waiver of condition 8503 due to pregnancy and illness – Condition waived

Same sex partner – Schedule 3 waiver – Partner visa granted

Waiver of schedule 3 criteria due to psychological dependence of child – waiver granted

Waiver of 12 month co-habitation requirement and waiver of schedule 3 criteria due to emotional and physical reliance

Waiver of schedule 3 criteria due to emotional dependence – waiver granted

Prospective marriage visa and envoking family violence provisions – visa granted

Genuine relationship leads Tribunal to remit matter for reconsideration.

Applicant subjected to family violence after marriage

Carer Visas: When Assistance Cannot be Provided by Welfare, Hospital, Nursing or Community Services

The Role of an Experienced Immigration Lawyer in 2017 – Recent Changes to Temporary and Permanent Skilled Working Visas as well as Citizenship have highlighted the need for Accurate and Focused Advice.

Problem solving and lateral thinking to achieve visa outcome

The importance of developing and maintaining long standing relationships with Corporates

Part 1: Information on the Entrepreneur Stream of the Business Innovation and Investor (Provisional) visa (subclass 188)

Part 2: What is a Complying Entrepreneurial Activity?

The Importance of Maintaining Ongoing Standard Business Sponsor Obligations

The Importance of Meeting Skills Assessment Criteria for Points Based Visas

Visa Applicants can Include Members of their Family Unit on their Application.

Employer Nomination Scheme – English Exceptional Argument – Visa granted

The seriousness of character issues when applying for Permanent Residency

Compliance with being on a substantive visa at time of lodgment

Exceptional Circumstances regarding age of applicant and health of secondary applicant

Disclosure and Mitigation Is Key For Successful Citizenship Applications

Successful Resumption of Australian Citizenship in Challenging Circumstances

Carer Visa Application Severe Health Condition

Experiencing Family Violence by Your Sponsor? Understand Your Options.

The Importance of Understanding your Rights.

Review of a decision to refuse an Aged Dependent Relative on grounds of insufficient financial evidence

The Importance of Addressing Contentious Matters Upfront

Never too late to make disclosure voluntarily in a visa application. The importance of transparency and obtaining a full immigration history under freedom of information request.

There is always another way when using the right immigration help- Merits Review may not always be the best course of action

Overcoming the 12 month requirement for de facto relationships: relationship certificate and genuineness argument

Choosing the right path and the importance of lateral thinking

Transitioning between substantive visas: know your options

Making the right call: successful partner visa application after transitioning to an offshore application

Legal assistance in the second stage of a partner visa helps secure a positive outcome

Attention to detail very important at the second stage of a partner application

The Pathway from Migrant to Permanent Resident through the Partner Visa. The Importance of Understanding the Visa Application Process.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Option Given Your Circumstances.

The Importance of providing comprehensive evidence in a Prospective Marriage Visa Application

The Importance of Comprehensive and Forensically Sound Applications to ensure Priority in Processing.

Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) Granted Within 4 Months | The Importance of a Decision Ready Application

Successful Subclass 309 Offshore Partner Visa

Successful Subclass 186 Employer Nomination (Permanent Residency) Visa

Successful Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa

Lateral thinking and innovative approach to immigration law

Disclosure and Transparency, Important Issues to address in Schedule 3 Submission

What discretion is there in the settlement criterion for a sponsor?

Never too late to get timely migration assistance from an Immigration Lawyer whilst the visa is in process. This can often make the difference between success and failure.

Migrant Women: When Enough is Enough. The family Violence provisions of the Migration Act are a protection for women.

There is life after a relationship breakdown. The importance of getting qualitative migration advice

Successful AAT Remitted Decision Visa Grant – Circumstances Beyond an Applicants Control – The importance of a forensic review of Immigration History with a Schedule 3 Argument It is all in the detail.

Do not underestimate the importance of arguments in support of a 12 months cohabitation waiver requirement. Forensic Review and the importance of attention to detail.

The importance of transition from 820 to 801 partner visa. Attention to detail is essential in the preparation of the 2nd stage submission.

The importance of attention to detail and using Special Counsel at AAT Hearings

Long-standing relationship and persecution used to waive schedule 3 requirement at AAT

Compelling Reasons: Emotional, Psychological and Physical Hardship

Compelling Circumstances for a Schedule 3 Waiver

Relationship Breakdown before Securing a Permanent 801 Visa

Failure with a partner visa application due to schedule 3 issues does not necessarily mean an offshore partner visa is out of the question

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa Application – Family Sponsored Stream

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa & Tourist Stream

Successful Subclass 820 Partner Visa and Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa

Immigration History so important in schedule 3 issues

DIAC’s power’s when assessing bridging visas when an applicant is applying for a substantive visa

The importance of information disclosure when applying for visas

Importance of the evidence of relationship supplied during partner visa applications

Considerable age difference between Sponsor and Applicant

Same-sex couples thinking of applying for partner visas

Unlawful visa applicant with a significant criminal record

Prohibition on Sponsor – with two previous sponsorships

8503 No Further Stay on Applicant – 820 Visa Granted

Second Partner Visa Application, Family Violence Claim

Unlawful for more than 21 years with several criminal convictions

The Necessity of Demonstrating Genuineness of Relationship

Applications for the Removal of Condition 8101 &No Work’ in Conjunction with Partner Visa Applications

Schedule 3 Waiver: Conditions Outside the Applicant’s Control

Third sponsorship allowed for genuine spousal relationship

Applying for another 820 visa after relationship breakdown on a previous 820 visa

Knowledge of the application process essential to obtain a resident return visa

Schedule 3 Criteria – Not holding a Substantive Visa

Lateral Thinking – Where Health Criteria cannot be met. Always important to have a strategy and defined pathway in place.

The Importance of focusing on strong arguments and benefit to Australia when seeking Ministerial Intervention Request.

Compelling and Compassionate Reasons for the Minister to waive the 8503 ‘no further stay’ condition

Reuniting husband and wife through a secondary subclass 574 visa after a three-year ban

Compassion and knowledge of the application process lead to a successful protection visa application

Success with a Ministerial Intervention. The significance of actions outside your control.

Debt, an unforeseen issue with Citizenship applications

What to do next when your parent visa is refused – The importance of lateral thinking

Thinking of Retirement? Need a Visa? Destination Sydney, Australia

Successful Citizenship Application with Serious Character Issues

Successful Subclass 100 Permanent Resident Visa

Unlawful resident with belief of having citizenship

Compassionate Circumstances and Mitigating Factors in a Repeat Ministerial Intervention Request

Subclass 445 Extended Eligibility Visa: Meeting the Dependency Requirement

Unlawful Non-Citizen under false identity

Requirements for dependent applicant in a partner visa application

Concerns for children’s interests & family cohesion leads Minister to grant visas.

Citizenship, illegal overstay and character issues Successful outcome

Visa cancellation under s501 & Multiple Criminal Offences & Successful outcome

Notice of intention to cancel visa on character grounds & Section 501 & Successful outcome

Referral of Character Assessment under s501 & Drug offences & successful outcome & Class 309 Partner Visa (Offshore)

Visa cancellation under s501 – Substantial criminal record & successful outcome

Waiver of 3001 condition due to compelling circumstances – condition waived

Subclass 461 New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) Visa

Secondary applicant suffering from rare condition – Repeat request for Ministerial Intervention satisfied

Sudden disappearance of former spouse (de facto visa) – visa granted

Unique and exceptional circumstances – physical and emotional dependence (same-sex relationship)

The Importance of Meeting the Criteria in your Application for a Resident Return (subclass) 155 Visa

The importance of candour in a visitor visa application

Successful Subclass 820 Partner Visa and Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa

The Importance of Engaging Appropriate Representation to Handle Your AAT Review

Demonstrating a genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia

The Importance of Detailed Written Submissions and Oral Representations at the AAT Hearing by Special Counsel

Subclass 801 Refusal on the Grounds of Inconsistent Information

It is all in the detail: showing substantial ties to Australia to secure a Resident Return Visa

Subclass 820 | Psychological & Financial Abuse

Successful Resident Return Decision, Compelling Absence and Substantial ties to Australia

Successful Partner Visa Review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Partner Visas

Australian Citizenship

Family Visa

AAT Appeal & MIU

Business Visas

Resident Return Visa

Skilled Migration

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