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8503 Waiver, Onshore Partner Visa 820/801, Bridging Visa E & Schedule 3


The client came to us wanting to apply for a partner visa onshore 820/801. Applicant was on a BVC with an 8503 no further stay condition from previous visa; he was in a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen.  Applicant decided to engage in ISL to resolve his visa status and lodge an onshore partner visa application.


The complexity of this partner visa application was to initially remove his 8503 no further stay condition which followed him with every visa application he lodged, we then needed to lodge a partner visa application with a detailed schedule 3 submission, there were no children of the relationship.


We prepared and lodged the 8503-waiver request on compelling grounds, once the request was granted, we prepared the partner visa application and detailed schedule 3 submission which included the following:

  • The applicant’s 8503 waiver
  • How the sponsor and her children emotionally and physically rely on the applicant.
  • Detriment to the sponsor if the applicant was forced to depart Australia
  • Best interest of Australian citizen sponsor and children


We waited the published processing times after providing the Department with material evidence and compiling a strong onshore partner visa application as a decision ready application. The applicant was granted the 820-partner visa. The applicant is now ready to lodge stage 2 permanent resident partner visa application.

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