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Adverse information

How to address adverse information to avoid a potential pic 4020 issue and achieve a successful review at the AAT:

Immigration Solutions Lawyers recently attended the AAT with a client and were able to help them achieve a successful outcome. This case primarily dealt with the refusal of a Partner Visa (subclass 801) application by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). The Minister‚ Delegate at the DIBP was not convinced that the client and his Australian Citizen de facto partner were in a committed and genuine relationship. This couple further presented a possible Public Interest Criterion 4020  PIC 4020‚ issue, as the DIBP had received allegations by an un-named third party individual claiming that the client and Sponsor were not in a relationship, and that their relationship was contrived for Australian migration purposes.

The team at Immigration Solutions Lawyers provided comprehensive submissions and supporting evidence to demonstrate that the client and his partner have a mutual commitment to a shared life and a genuine and continuing relationship. This required an assessment as to several facets of the client‚ relationship including their financial dependency and nature of commitment. Ultimately the team at Immigration Solutions Lawyers were able to overcome the false allegations that were made against the couple and prevented a possible PIC 4020 situation. Furthermore, the team were able to achieve a successful grant of a Partner (Residence) (class BS) Partner (subclass 801) visa for the client.

It is important to engage an Immigration specialist to assist in your visa applications and reviews to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Immigration Solutions Lawyers have extensive experience in forensically preparing decision ready applications. Contact us today for a consultation.

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