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Applying for another 820 visa after relationship breakdown on a previous 820 visa

The Applicant was on an 820 Partner Visa with his ex-wife. The relationship broke down as a result of family violence, the Applicant being a male victim of psychological and physical abuse. After being assessed by various medical professionals, the consensus was that the Applicant had, indeed, been subject to family violence.

After the relationship breakdown, the Applicant began a new relationship with the current Sponsor. The couple was expecting a child, but unfortunately the child was stillborn.

Our firm has been asked to act for the Applicant in making a new partner visa application with his new partner.

Visa Applicants who have previously been on 820 Partner Visas should thus be aware of the possibility of making a fresh partner visa application. In addition, the Department has become increasingly aware of male victims in family violence, and such efforts should be commended, although it is still more uncommon for favourable decisions to be made in family violence situations where the victim is a man.

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