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Applying for another 820 visa after relationship breakdown on a previous 820 visa

There are a number of visa options available for foreign nationals who wish to remain in Australia with their Australian partner. One option, for people who are inside Australia at the time of application, is the Subclass 820 Partner visa. This visa is the first of a two-step programme leading to permanent residence in Australia.

The Applicant approached Immigration Solutions a number of years ago regarding a Subclass 820 visa. The team at Immigration Solutions were able to secure the visa for the applicant and sponsor within a year and a half of lodgement.

The Subclass 820 visa is a temporary visa intended to allow recipients to remain in Australia until a decision is made about their permanent Partner visa. Until such a time, visa holders are permitted to work and study Australia.

After the grant of this provisional visa, the Applicant again sought the assistance of Immigration Solutions, this time for a Subclass 801 visa. Subclass 820 visa holders are generally invited to provide evidence for this second stage of the partner visa two years after their initial application.

To be eligible for a Subclass 801 visa, individuals must hold a Subclass 820 visa, and must be in a continuing and genuine relationship with their sponsor. Immigration Solutions provided the Department with evidence of the Applicant’s relationship, including financial aspects of the relationship, social aspects of the relationship, the nature of their commitment to one another and the nature of the household they shared.

The Department granted the visa within seven months of lodgement. With this visa the Applicant is now a permanent resident of Australia.

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