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Citizenship, illegal overstay and character issues Successful outcome

The applicant was an Australian permanent resident and was seeking Australian citizenship, however his application had met with some difficulties. The applicant had obtained a fake passport and had used it to travel outside Australia. It was also discovered that he had overstayed his original tourist visa for a number of years. The applicant met with serious challenges to be able to satisfy the character requirements of permanent residence and Australian citizenship.

The applicant had met and fallen in love with an Australian citizen and the couple were in a serious relationship.

We explained by detailed submission to DIAC the mitigating circumstances in which the applicant felt obliged to obtain the fake passport. The applicant’s mother had recently died and he desperately wanted to visit her, but he was afraid of the complications which could arise due to his illegal overstay. Out of this fear, he obtained a passport illegally and used it to travel outside of Australia.

We provided evidence of the applicant’s good character through submitting declarations from employers and friends. Furthermore, we emphasised that the applicant’s conduct in obtaining the fake passport was a one-off and that the applicant had voluntarily supplied all this adverse information.

The Department accepted our arguments and the applicant was granted permanent residency and Australian citizenship. Ā 

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