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Convicted for aggravated indecent assault - visa not cancelled

The applicant was going to have his visa cancelled. The applicant was facing removal from Australia because he no longer met the character requirement for his visa. The applicant had been convicted for aggravated indecent assault against person under the age of 10 years.

We argued that there were mitigating factors in this situation which should be taken into consideration. We outlined the applicant’s violent childhood, where he had grown up under unfortunate circumstances and during which he was repeatedly physically and sexually abused.

We highlighted the fact that he had virtually no ties outside of Australia and that deporting him would cause him immense emotional difficulties as he would be separated from his only family his two daughters. A visa refusal would also cause great emotional difficulties for his two adult daughters, as well as financial difficulty for one daughter who was still completely financially dependent on the applicant.

These arguments were successful and the applicant’s visa was not cancelled.

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