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Demonstrating a genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia

When the Applicant first came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers, she was in Australia on a Visitor visa (subclass 600). The visa permitted a stay of only three months from the date of entry and was due to expire shortly. Hoping to extend her stay in Australia to visit her daughter and grandson, the Applicant sought assistance with the lodgement of a second Visitor visa inside Australia.

To be successful in a tourist Visitor visa application, an applicant must show that he or she has a genuine intention to stay temporarily in Australia for tourism purposes. Additionally, as work is not permitted on a Visitor visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires that an applicant has sufficient funds to finance the stay in Australia.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers submitted evidence of the Applicant’s ongoing employment commitments and familial ties in her home country as evidence of her genuine intention to return. Additionally, the Applicant’s daughter in Australia provided a written statement detailing the purpose for the visit and providing extra details in support of why it would be in her best interests to comply with the conditions of a Visitor visa. Immigration Solutions Lawyers argued that it would be in the Applicant’s best interest to comply with the conditions of the visa and return to her home country upon its expiry, as failure to do so could negatively affect her prospects of success in future visa applications to visit her daughter.

The Applicant’s daughter intended to fund the Applicant’s stay in Australia. Bank account statements and a written statement to that effect were thus attached to the application.

After reviewing the evidence submitted in support of the application, the Department was satisfied that the visa requirements had been met and granted the Applicant a second Visitor visa. The new visa is valid for seven months and permits multiple entries to Australia.

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