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Divorced then re-married over 30 years later

The applicant and the sponsor first met each other in the United Kingdom in their 20s and married soon after. The couple remained together for a number of years and had two children in the course of the marriage. Eventually, the couple divorced and lost contact with each other. The sponsor moved to Australia and eventually became an Australian citizen whilst the applicant stayed in the UK with the children.

Over 30 years later, the applicant and the sponsor started contacting each other once again and a romantic relationship eventually developed. The couple was married in Australia and they sought our assistance in obtaining a Partner Visa for the applicant.

We submitted evidence that the relationship was a genuine and continuing one, even though the couple had already divorced previously. We also gave evidence of the sponsor’s physical dependence on the applicant due to his serious medical illness.

Our application was successful and the applicant was granted the visa.

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