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Family Violence and Partner Visas

You should not need to remain in a violent relationship out of fear for your visa status:

Immigration Solutions Lawyers recently assisted a client who was the victim of family violence. The client was the holder of a Prospective Marriage (subclass 309) visa sponsored by her Australian boyfriend and had instructed the team at Immigration Solutions Lawyers that her relationship had broken down with the visa Sponsor due to family violence. In this case, the client was subjected to mental and physical abuse which fits the criteria of psychological and emotional abuse as well as physical abuse/ intimidation within the conditions of Subclass 309 Criteria and in particular the Family Violence Provisions (‘FVP’).

Immigration Solutions Lawyers notified the Department of the client’s change of circumstances and made a request for a non-judicial review of family violence. The team at Immigration Solutions Lawyers were able to collate extensive evidence and professional/medical reports that substantiated the client’s claims. This evidence, combined with a comprehensive submission was presented to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (‘DIBP’). Accordingly, the DIBP granted the client with a Permanent Partner (Migrant) (class BC) Partner (subclass 100) visa.

If you are the holder of a (subclass 309) or a (subclass 820) partner visa, you do not need to remain in an abusive relationship for fear that it would jeopardise your Australian visa status. Immigration Solutions Lawyers are experienced in these situations and are able to navigate the Family Violence provisions. Contact Immigration Solutions Lawyers today for a consultation and assessment of your Immigration matter.

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