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Genuineness of a Relationship

This case involved a 309 Partner visa application.

The Applicant initially applied for a Tourist visa, but it was refused. The Sponsor then began providing financial support to the Applicant in early 2001. The Applicant and the Sponsor began an informal relationship over the telephone in May 2011. In October, the Applicant and Sponsor met for the first time and they married shortly after. The Sponsor then returned to Australia and the Applicant and Sponsor lodged a 309 Partner visa, which was also refused.

The Applicant was granted a Tourist visa in late 2013, enabling her to visit the Sponsor in Australia. The Sponsor and Applicant began trying to conceive a child together. In early 2014, the Applicant discovered she was pregnant with the Sponsor’s child. The Applicant and Sponsor again lodged a 309 Partner visa, but this time they sought the advice of Immigration Solutions Lawyers (‘ISL’).

ISL assisted in establishing the genuineness of the relationship. ISL submitted that the Applicant and Sponsor are in a committed and loving relationship. When they have spent periods of time living together, they share the household duties such as washing, cleaning and ironing. They support each other emotionally, and hope to be able to raise a family together. The Sponsor had been providing financial support to the Applicant. The Applicant and Sponsor also presented themselves as a married couple to their friends and family, attending events as a couple. ISL indicated that the long periods of separation had been a source of emotional hardship and stress for the couple.

ISL was successful in securing the grant of a 309 Partner visa for the Applicant and Sponsor.

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