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The Sponsor came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers seeking help with a Subclass 300 prospective marriage visa application.

The Sponsor and Applicant had met in the Applicants home country and started a genuine and committed relationship. The Sponsor travelled to the Applicant’s home county on several occasions to meet friends, family and spend time together. The couple soon became engaged and wanted to start their new life together in Australia.

The Sponsor came to Immigration Solutions seeking help with the application due to the significant age difference and the difficulty of an offshore application. Immigration Solutions were able to provide substantial evidence demonstrating the genuineness of the couple’s relationship to support the Subclass 300 visa application. The couple intended to marry within the required 9 months of receiving the approval of the visa application.

After lodging the application the couple informed Immigration Solutions they were to marry overseas. This led to the withdrawal of the Subclass 300 application and lodgement of the new Subclass 309 Offshore Partner visa.

ISL was able to establish that the Applicant and Sponsor are in a genuine marriage and have a mutual commitment to their life as husband and wife.

ISL was successful in securing the grant of a 309 Offshore Partner visa for the Applicant and Sponsor.

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