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Legal assistance in the second stage of a partner visa helps secure a positive outcome

All partner visas are granted in two stages: the first is a provisional visa and the second is a permanent visa available to applicants two years after the lodgement of the provisional visa application. This is the same regardless of whether the applicant is inside or outside of Australia at the time that they apply for the provisional visa.

The Applicant and his Sponsor sought the advice of Immigration Solutions Lawyers for both stages of their offshore Partner visa (subclasses 309 and 100). Two years after receiving our guidance to lodge the first stage of his visa, the Applicant returned for help proving the ongoing nature of the relationship in his application for the permanent stage of the visa.

Unlike the first stage of the partner visa, which was lodged outside of Australia, the Applicant was already inside Australia and living with his Sponsor at the time of the subclass 100 application. With the assistance of Immigration Solutions Lawyers, the Applicant submitted evidence of his ongoing relationship with the Sponsor to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This documentation included bank statements, utility bills, rental agreements, photographs of the couple in social settings and statutory declarations prepared by the Applicant, his Sponsor and their family and friends.

Typical processing time for the second stage of the Partner visa is between six and eight months. Aided by the experienced team at Immigration Solutions Lawyers, the Applicant’s permanent subclass 100 visa was granted within six months of the application’s lodgement.

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