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Resident Return (Subclass 155) Visa where the Applicant had a criminal record.


The Applicant obtained Permanent Residency more than three decades ago. Despite being issued numerous Resident Return Visas (RRVs), the Applicant encountered character problems prior to the last RRV application. The Applicant had travelled outside Australia with an expired RRV and was unable to renter until the new RRV was approved. These character issues significantly prolonged the application processing time.


The applicant reached out to us subsequent to submitting his own RRV application. In the RRV application, the applicant revealed his criminal record, but the Department was slow in providing a response. Following the submission of his RRV application, the applicant approached Isl, and we assumed responsibility for handling his character-related matter.


The Applicant was recommended to acquire an AFP record. Meanwhile, we arranged for a clinical psychologist to have a conversation about the mitigating factors related to the offense. In the comprehensive submission, we emphasized the applicant’s remorse and rehabilitation. Additionally, we highlighted the applicant’s Australian citizen partner and children, along with their long-term residency in Australia and the positive contributions made to the community.


The Applicant was granted the Resident Return Visa by the Department for a duration of 5 years at the Department level. Thanks to ISL’s intervention, the application was spared from being forwarded to the Character section (VAC) of the Department, resulting in a swift reunion with his partner and children.

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