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Review of a decision to refuse a Carer visa application on the grounds of existing relatives

The applicant wanted to sponsor her son to come to Australia. The applicant was physically unwell and needed someone to look after her, so she sponsored her son and his family for a Carer visa.

In order to be successful, the applicant had to show that she could not reasonably obtain assistance from any other relative who is an Australian citizen. However, the applicant had eight children, all Australian citizens, who lived in Sydney. Her initial application failed because of this.

We argued before the Tribunal that, although the applicant had eight children in Sydney, each of them were unable to care for their mother due to time and economic constraints. We showed that the applicant could not afford live-in care and that she required someone close to her, such as a family member, to look after her.

We were ultimately successful with this argument and were able to get the applicant’s son’s visa approved, as well as visas for his wife and child.

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