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Same-Sex Relationships

This case involved an application for an 820 Partner visa for a same-sex couple.

The Applicant arrived in Australia on a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417). The Applicant met the Sponsor for the first time in 2012 and shortly after, they started a committed relationship. They then began cohabitation in early 2013. Immigration Solutions Lawyers (‘ISL’) had to establish the genuineness of their relationship.

ISL indicated that the relationship was genuine. The Applicant and Sponsor have shared financial commitments; they opened a joint bank account together to share their joint expenses, and they also purchased several expensive items for their new apartment and they shared this expense. They also share responsibilities between them; they take turns doing the grocery shopping, the cleaning and cooking, and the Applicant relies on the Sponsor for transport.

The Applicant and Sponsor are also often engaged in social activities with their friends and family; they hold themselves out to be a de facto couple and are seen by friends and family as such.

The Applicant and Sponsor have supported one another emotionally, and financially throughout their relationship and have every intention of continuing to do so. ISL submitted that the Applicant and Sponsor are both committed to a long-term relationship and want to spend the rest of their lives together. ISL was successful in attaining an 820 Partner visa for the Applicant.

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