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Subclass 801 Refusal on the Grounds of Inconsistent Information

The client presented to Immigration Solutions Lawyers after their Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801) had been refused. The Subclass 801 refusal by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (‘DIBP’) was on the grounds of inconsistent information.

The visa had been refused for two reasons; firstly based on a telephone interview with a DIBP case officer, the case officer had noted that the applicant and sponsor had given inconsistent information regarding specific details of their relationship. Secondly a false allegation was made against the couple stating that their relationship was contrived.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers lodged a timely review to the AAT and established a compelling case with respect to the genuine relationship of the couple and an explanation of what had transpired during the telephone interview.

At the hearing in October 2017, the solicitors present were able to identify inconsistencies within the responses given by the applicant and sponsors o the tribunal members. As such the solicitors produced a post hearing submission to further compel the tribunal member to remit the application to the DIBP.

Within a few weeks of the hearing, Immigration Solutions Lawyers received a successful decision and the clients matters were remitted back to the DIBP. The clients were thrilled with the outcome and relieved that this stressful period in their lives was over.

Having a visa subclass 801 refusal on the grounds of inconsistent information of your immigration history can be very detrimental to future visa applications and as such it was a huge achievement to help our clients avoid this.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers worked together with the clients to identify the gaps in their original application and to overcome inconsistencies presented to the DIBP.

This subclass 801 refusal case is yet another example of the experience and expertise that Immigration Solutions Lawyers have in complex visa refusals at the AAT level. For more information on how Immigration Solutions Lawyers can assist you or someone you love, call us on 1300 428 472 to book a consultation.

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