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Success with a Ministerial Intervention. The significance of actions outside your control.

The Applicant came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers seeking assistance with a repeat ministerial intervention. The Applicant had lodged a number of applications in the past and sought the assistance of the dedicated legal team at Immigration Solutions.

The applicant had lived in Australia for over 22 years, having arrived at aged 6, on a visitor visa with her mother. The Applicant and her mother departed their home county years earlier to escape family violence and arrived in Australia.

During the Applicants time in Australia her mother told her she needed to assimilate and to never disclose her unresolved visa status.

Over time, the applicant become thoroughly integrated into the Australian way of life, completing primary school, high school and tertiary studies in Sydney before moving into a steady career.

After being located by DIAC Compliance officers, the applicant’s mother applied for a Protection Visa in which the applicant was included as a dependent. This visa application was refused and the decision was affirmed by the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT’) upon review. Despite this, the applicant and her mother did not leave the country. The applicant’s mother was eventually located by DIAC Compliance officials detained and repatriated back to their home country. The Applicant remained in Australia.

The Applicant was eventually located by Compliance officers on years later and granted a Bridging Visa E. Having been a dependent applicant in her mother’s RRT case, the Applicant lodged a request for ministerial intervention. This request was unsuccessful due to the Minister finding that the applicant was eligible to lodge an onshore partner visa. However, the relationship ceased shortly after and a partner visa application is no longer an option for the applicant.

The Applicant then sought the help of Immigration Solutions with the repeat request for intervention on the basis of the significant change in the applicant’s circumstances. The team at Immigration Solutions were able to provide a detailed submission describing the Applicants unique circumstances and the substantial length of time the Applicant had spent in Australia.  The Applicant had integrated into the Australian lifestyle and was found to have virtually no meaningful ties to her country of birth.

Immigration Solutions also highlighted the compassionate circumstances surrounding the case and that failure to recognise these reasons could result in continuing hardship for the Applicant.

Immigration Solutions were able to establish that the actions taken by the Applicants mother were outside the control her control.

Immigration Solutions were successful in acquiring a successful ministerial intervention.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers are one of the leading immigration law firms in Australia. Headed by managing director and principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue, the firm has over 23 years of experience. The legal team at Immigration Solutions are experienced in dealing with complicated matters and will do their best obtain a positive outcome for each and every case.

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