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Successful Resumption of Australian Citizenship in Challenging Circumstances

The Applicant previously held Australian Citizenship, she was born in Australia and lived here for some time, before travelling internationally for work (she worked as a signer and Broadway entertainer) and eventually settling in the United States.  In the process of the applicant obtaining United States Citizenship she was forced to give up her Australian Citizenship. This is one of many examples of successful resumption of Australian citizenship in challenging circumstances that Immigration Solutions Lawyers are proud to have assisted with.

The Applicant has been attempting for many years to return to Australia and resume her Australian citizenship, however had had no luck in this process. Unfortunately The Applicant is 82 years of age, and had no records of her identity documents with her, or anywhere else despite lawyers attending her residency in the United States to assist her.

The Applicant and her family came to Immigration Solutions Lawyers desperate to resolve the matter. The team at Immigration Solutions Lawyers took on this unique case on a predominantly pro-bono basis.

In order for the Applicant to lodge a valid Resumption of Australian Citizenship Application, you are required to provide certain identity documents. Unfortunately, despite lodging both a request for Freedom of Information to DIBP and a request for Freedom of Information to the National Archives Registry, neither departments could provide what was required for the successful Resumption of Citizenship Application.

We  successfully accessed documents from the US and liaised with US Government bodies to establish identity and other issues.

Immigration Solutions ultimately found a solution for her, after the Applicant and her Australian Relative had spent in excess of 10 years trying to resume her Citizenship. Immigration Solutions Lawyers lodged the resumption of Australian citizenship application on 29 January 2018 and within less than a month had received a successful outcome.

If you have a complicated immigration situation speak to Immigration Solutions Lawyers today to see if we can assist you. Our teams specialise in finding solutions to unique and challenging situations including situations such as this example of successful resumption of Australian citizenship. To book in for an obligation free consultation call our office today on (02) 9264 6432.

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