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Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) Nomination Approval.


The Company was a restaurant in a Sports Club and wanted to Nominate their current employee as a Sous Chef.


The Company, who is located in a Sports Club, wanted to nominate their current employee as a Sous Chef. The complexity of this Nomination Application came from the Company’s unique structure, location, and the Nominee’s experience.


We advised the Company to ensure they display the Genuine Need for the position whilst displaying the Nominee’s ability to meet the requirements of the position, given his experience in the Company and his qualifications. ISL lawyers also argued the negative impact it would have on the business, if the position was not filled. We also ensured that a thorough letter was attached at the time of lodgement, detailing the Restaurant’s history and operations currently and ensured all necessary documentation was provided at the time of lodgement and thereafter, to ensure that the case officer, was able to review his application promptly.


The Department granted the Company’s Nomination, and the Company is therefore able to  employ the employee, once their Subclass 482 Visa is granted, in the desired occupation.

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