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The First Business Sponsorship from a New Company - Subclass 482 Visa Grant


This case is the Visa Application, for whom the Sponsoring Business was a Company had not previously sponsored an employee, was a relatively new Company formed in 2020 and had low revenue. After receiving both a Standard Business Sponsorship and nomination Grant within only 1 week, we soon lodged the associated Subclass 482 Visa.


The Subclass 482 Visa Applicant worked for an associated entity in his home country, was English exempt in accordance with the Migration Regulations and Corporations Act and also included his wife and two children. The Applicant and his wife also had an extensive travel history and despite providing the Department with the required Police Checks, the Department issued a further Section 56 Request for Further Information requesting for further Police Checks to be provided by the Applicant and his wife.


We responded to both Section 56 Requests, asking for clarity from the Department, given we ensured the Subclass 482 Visa Application was a decision ready application by providing all required documentation and additional documentation which was not required to assist the Department tin a prompt outcome. We further, in accordance with the Migration Regulations and Policy ensured any country by which the Applicant or his wife stayed in for more than 12 months in the past 10 years, was evidence with a police check report. Despite this, the Department of course have discretion to request further documentation, however we sent correspondence evidencing that the Applicant and his wife provided all documentation necessary.


Given the efforts to correspondence diligently with the Department, the Department rescinded their Section 56 Request for Further Information and granted all 4 Subclass 482 Visa’s within 2 days of their request.

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