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The seriousness of character issues when applying for Permanent Residency

The Applicant asked for our assistance in applying for a subclass 856 permanent residency visa. However, upon receiving the Applicant’s foreign police clearance certificate, our firm noted that the Applicant had been charged with a few offences in his home country.

In writing our character submission, we emphasized that the Applicant’s previous behavior were less likely to constitute as ‘serious convictions’. Moreover, the Applicant has been completely lawful during his time in Australia and this was strong indication of his behavioural reform.

The Department accepted the arguments raised in our character submission. The Applicant was successful in obtaining his 856 permanent residency visa.

The actions of the Department in the above case serve as a reminder that, for skilled visa applications, it is absolutely paramount for an Applicant to pass the character requirement. Moreover, the grounds against which a non-citizen will not pass the character test are comprehensive, affirming the Department’s view that those who have been convicted of serious criminal behaviour will not be welcome in Australia.

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