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Visitor (Subclass 600) Business Stream Visa with a PIC 4020 Character Submission.


The Applicant, who had previously come to Australia on numerous Visitor Visa’s intended on returning to Australia however failed to disclose a health condition which he has in all previous visa applications. The applicant also had previously applied for a substantive visa and was refused due to the health condition. The applicant wished to visit Australia to explore investment opportunities.


The Applicant had mistakenly failed  to disclose his health condition in all his previous Visitor visa Applications. Additionally, as the Applicant had previously applied for a permanent visa in Australia, prior to the Visitor Visa, we needed to ensure that we demonstrated they had sufficient ties to their home country in order to satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement imposed on a Visitor Visa, as well as disclose the Applicant’s health condition and their failure to disclose this in previous visa applications.


We advised the Applicant to make full disclosure through attaching a PIC 4020 Submission to their Visitor Visa. In this Character Submission we found it crucial to detail the Applicants inability to understand his disclosure obligations with specific regard to Health Declarations, and how the Applicants failure to understand this, did not afford them the opportunity to disclose this.  We also addressed the Applicants ties to their home country, including but not limited to their family, and their properties, to display the Applicants intention to visit Australia temporarily.


The Department accepted the Applicant’s submission, and the Applicant was subsequently granted a Visitor Visa within 2 months of applying.  

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