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Visitor (Subclass 600) Visa (Tourist Stream) with previous visa refusals


The Applicant had never visited Australia previously and had lodged two Student Visa’s and a Visitor visas, and subsequently all were refused on the basis that they didn’t satisfy 600.211 of the Migration Regulation 1994(Cth), which essentially set out the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements.

The main strategy for the new Visitor Visa application was to display to the Department that the Applicant meets Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements on the basis that the Applicants ties to their home country had increased through their property ownership and firm employment.


The Applicant has previously provided evidence of their ties to their home country however still did not meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements. The Applicant also had multiple family members who gained permanent residency in Australia also weighing against them in showing they meet the requirements.


We ensured the Applicant’s family in Australia does not necessarily indicate that an applicant is not intending a genuine temporary stay and is not a reason in and of itself to refuse their application. As per the guidance in various policies stated for the GTE requirement, we utilised the Applicants strong employment, property and family ties in their home country, and ensured were adequality evidence and acted as evidentiary support in their detailed submission which we provided upon lodgement of their visa application.


The Department accepted the Applicant’s submission, and the Applicant was subsequently granted a Visitor Visa within 3 weeks of applying and was able to visit Australia and visit her family as she intended in time for Christmas!

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