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Waiver of 3001 condition due to compelling circumstances - condition waived

The applicant was originally from an Asian nation and had come to Australia on a student visa. Whilst in Australia, she began a relationship with an Australian citizen and had wished to marry. The applicant wanted to apply for a subclass 820 partner visa. However, there were two obstacles: firstly, they overstayed the initial visa; secondly the applicant had to lodge in a bridging visa in order to be eligible for the partner visa application.

We made an application to waive the 3001 condition. We argued there were compelling reason on the applicant, including the fact the applicant and sponsor were highly dependent on each other emotionally. These arguments were successful and the 3001 condition was waived.

We then assisted the applicant in applying for a bridging visa, outlining the co-dependency between the applicant and the sponsor.

The application was successful and the applicant was able to apply for a partner visa.

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