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2023 Australian Young Lawyer Award – Palwasha Nawabi, Immigration Solutions Lawyers


t is with great pleasure to announce, that our very own, Palwasha Nawabi, is the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Australian Young Lawyer Award. Honoured by the #LawCouncilofAustralia, Palwasha played a pivotal role in the resettlement of Afghan women Judges, Prosecutors, Activists, and their families, who faced persecution in their homeland. Guided by the efforts of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute with Baroness Helena Kennedy KC and Emily Foale, along with the pro bono initiative of Immigration Solutions Lawyers, secured 90 visas to Australia for the displaced individuals. Through collective efforts, permanent residency was granted, providing these families with a new beginning.

This journey has been an extraordinary experience for Palwasha, underscoring the power of legal advocacy in making a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. As she reflects on this significant achievement, Palwasha remains grateful for the opportunity to contribute to positive change in the world.

Palwasha extends her gratitude to her principal, Anne O’Donoghue, with a wealth of experience, played a pivotal role in entrusting Palwasha with a leading position in this endeavour. Under Anne’s mentorship, Palwasha was able to navigate the complexities of the legal landscape, demonstrating the importance of effective leadership in championing social justice causes.

She acknowledges the dedication of her colleagues, including Yingpei Liu, Vicky Chen, and Chiara Napoli, whose collective efforts made this initiative a success. Palwasha is also thankful for the unwavering support of colleagues Diane Markantonakis, Heshna Patel, Reema Taouk, and Yingpei Liu, whose encouragement and collaboration played a crucial role in this impactful Endeavor.

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