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More travel, jobs, exports as UK FTA is fast-tracked


Exciting news for travel enthusiasts!

The recently fast-tracked free trade agreement between Australia and the UK will not only eliminate tariffs on goods and services, but also includes provisions for expanded working holiday visas.

“Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has pronounced “it is game on,” as the United Kingdom-Australia free trade deal is fast tracked to come into force at the end of this month, resulting in three year working visas between the two countries, as well as more jobs and exports.

Mr Albanese said the changes to the labour market as part of the free trade agreement would mean UK citizens up the age of 35 can obtain three year temporary visas to Australia and vice versa.”

Young people from both countries will have more opportunities to travel, work and experience different cultures. The age limit for the visas has also been increased to 35, giving more people the chance to take part in these programs. This agreement is expected to lead to an increase in tourism, job creation, and exports.

Let’s make sure we travel sustainably as we explore the world.

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