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Anne O’Donoghue – 2023 AILA/GMS Annual Global Migration Forum


Immigration Solutions Lawyer’s Director Anne O’Donoghue will be speaking on a panel ‘What is the Future for the Actual “Practice” of Global Migration Law?’ on Monday 19th June 2023.

The grand, pandemic-induced, global telecommuting experiment has been a rousing success overall. Employees have demonstrated that they can be just as effective, if not more so, working outside of the physical office. In turn, companies have enjoyed the fruits of improved worker efficiency and productivity, compelling them to adapt accordingly. As the labor force expects, even demands, remote work opportunities and benefits, company management has begun adjusting standardly accepted policies relating to international migration and practice management. In addition to instituting updated remote work guidelines, corporate clients have had to revise their global mobility strategies to strengthen retention policies, increase support of nontraditional family units, relocate employees from war zones, and become more intentional and proactive in keeping up with the technological advancements that have, in practice, made the world “smaller.”

In light of this paradigm shift in global migration and employment practices, the AILA Global Migration Section (GMS), in conjunction with AILA National, the GMS Steering Committee, and the Conference Program Committee, is excited to invite you to attend the 2023 AILA/GMS Annual Global Migration Forum this summer at Disney World in Orlando! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to network with fellow global migration practitioners and learn from our international faculty of experts as they survey the new landscape of global migration practice, identify and redefine best practices for success, provide updates from around the world, and help you plan for the future!

What Is the Future for the Actual “Practice” of Global Migration Law?

Is there a future for the non-global practitioner? As the world becomes “smaller” (i.e., more connected) and corporations become larger, many lawyers believe there is safety and security in numbers and that clients are naturally attracted to firms that can act as a “one-stop shop” for all their immigration (and even non-immigration) needs. Moreover, clients are seeking law practices that can provide up-to-date, fulsome technology which smaller firms cannot afford to offer. Others argue that not all clients desire a uniform approach, instead seeking a more personal, “trusted advisor” relationship for their team. Our panel of experts will explore these differing perspectives, offering advice and best practices for how a smaller practitioner can compete and thrive in the current climate. Panelists come from across the immigration landscape, representing a variety of perspectives in this critical discussion.

  • What does the future hold for the global migration practitioner?
  • Global vs. regional vs. country-specific
  • Can immigration firms survive without expanding and diversifying their practice areas?
  • Small and solo practitioners: strategies for competing with larger firms (and thriving) o Practical advice: affordable tech solutions


David L.P. Garson (DL), Conference Program Committee, Toronto, ON, Canada
Sergio R. Karas, Toronto, ON, Canada George Reis, Toronto, ON, Canada
Anne F. O’Donoghue, Sydney, Australia
Ray Rackham, London, UK
*Andrea Silva Fascetti, Soral, Switzerland

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