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Anne O’Donoghue – Global Elite Corporate Immigration 2023 | Who’s Who Legal


Immigration Solutions Lawyers director and principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue had been awarded Who’s Who Legal Thought Leader Global Elite Corporate Immigration 2023 again this year.

Immigration Solutions Lawyers director and principal lawyer Anne O’Donoghue had been awarded Who’s Who Legal Thought Leader Global Elite Corporate Immigration 2023 again this year, It is exciting that #Australia is now represented in this list for Thought Leader Global Elite Corporate Immigration. What’s even more exciting is that Anne is the first #Australianwomanlawyer to be included in this list!

What did you find most challenging about becoming a corporate immigration lawyer?

I find that the most challenging aspect in corporate immigration law is the inter-industry knowledge that is required of practitioners. Corporate immigration lawyers must have knowledge of different industries, career paths and occupations. We need to be able to differentiate between occupations which means knowing the hierarchies and job duties of the occupations we are dealing with, which means we are always researching and in a constant learning process. Often, we have to help clients with skills assessment applications in order to make the client eligible to apply for certain visa applications. Skills assessments involves a deep analysis of the applicant’s work history, which we have to compare to the detailed skills assessment authority guidelines (which involves the fundamental tasks and duties that are involved in specific occupations). This requires research and a deep level understanding of what the specific occupation entails.

Corporate immigration lawyers are always challenged with a fast-paced environment and numerous deadlines at once. Often client’s come to us with pre-existing visa deadlines that we must manage alongside new visa applications. Missing a deadline could mean that our clients are no longer eligible for certain visa applications, for example a Subclass 482 visa (Temporary Skills Shortages) requires Labour Market Testing which includes posting 3 advertisements (one on a mandatory government website) for a minimum period of 28 days, otherwise not meeting the application eligibility requirements.

Furthermore, another challenging aspect is in the intersection between corporate immigration law and the disciplines of finance and accounting. A corporate immigration lawyer needs a basic understanding of these disciplines to review financial documents, which we encounter on a daily basis. 

What has been the most memorable case you have been a part of?

The most memorable case for me was the Jhahanara case,[3] which was widely publicised. Jhahanara Jabber was a young girl with a very rare disease where her abdominal organs were on the outside of her body. She had surgery in Korea to put them back, but when they did, not everything worked properly, and she continued to experience complications. When I became involved in the case in December 2020, it was the third Ministerial application. By obtaining overseas opinions we were able to successfully argue that sending her back would essentially be the same as issuing a death sentence on the child, and we won the right to have [then Immigration Minister] Chris Bowen reconsider the case. 

More recently we recently received Permanent Residency for over 45 Afghan women refugees and their families through a special program implemented by the previous Immigration Minister, Mr Alexander Hawke. 

It is cases like these that continue to motivate me to work in the industry. 

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